[U-Boot-Users] passing bootargs to Linux on NIOS

Thomas Brand thomas.brand at imms.de
Thu Aug 5 12:45:43 CEST 2004


I'm currently implementing the bootm command for the NIOS processor from 
Altera. I'd like to pass boot arguments to the kernel. I tried to figure 
  out how it works in other architectures, but I'm still clueless.

I call the function theKernel(...) with some arguments like I have seen 
it in other implementations. Now my question is, how do I access these 
arguments in the kernel?. I know the NIOS processor is passing the first 
4 arguments in registers when calling a function as a subroutine. But in 
the linux kernel in main.c is another call in the function 
start_kernel() for a kernel specific setup [setup_arch()] which will 
move the window-pointer and so change the registerfile. Therefore I 
cannot access the registers directly.

Or should I just define a piece of memory to put the arguments in? It 
will be hard coded in the kernel then.

Any hints? Every answer will be appreciated.


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