[U-Boot-Users] porting to new board: what to do next?

Benjamin Collar benjamin.collar at siemens.com
Tue Aug 31 17:00:36 CEST 2004


We're porting U-Boot to a new board. We've followed the plan given in
the README and have written board.c, flash.c, configs/board.h. We've
flashed it and ... well, nothing happens. Nothing at all.

Now, I know you'll need more information from me, but I'm not sure
exactly what you'll want to know, so for the moment, we'll leave it like

What I need to know is, how do I find out what U-Boot is up to? Is there
a way to debug it from the beginning? I've got it connected serially
(unfortunately, our debugger works under windows, so we've got to use
HyperTerminal) but nothing shows up at all.

Thanks for any help

Benjamin Collar
Siemens AG
Embedded Linux

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