[U-Boot-Users] watchdog support

Josef Baumgartner josef.baumgartner at telex.de
Fri Jan 9 11:48:40 CET 2004

Hi u-boot users,

I'm currently experimenting with u-boot and watchdog support.

I'd like to have the possibility to configure u-boot for watchdog support but 
disable the watchdog if there's no autoboot and I want to use the booter.
I looked at the code but I found no such feature at the moment, am I right?

If the watchdog is needed, it should be enabled very early. But at this point
the environment is eventually not yet available. A possible way would be to 
enable the watchdog early in the boot stage and disable it short before the 
main loop if an environment variable was set (e.g. setenv watchdog off).

Another possibility would be a command to disable the watchdog instead of
an environment variable.

All solutions assume that an enabled watchdog could be disabled again which
is not true for all watchdog implementations. I plan to use it on the Motorola
MCF5272, there it is no problem.

What is your opinion and experience to this topic?



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