[U-Boot-Users] MCF5271 Port.

Bartlomiej Sieka tur at semihalf.com
Mon Feb 5 17:04:08 CET 2007

Adarsh Babu wrote:
> Well thanks a lot. The 20060615 tool chain along with the suggestion in the 
> link that you sent me did the trick. But now I face a different problem. I did 
> get a neat build and the u-boot.bin file. I flashed the same onto the EVB. But 
> i can't get a u-boot prompt on Minicom. Its just blank and nothing else. I 
> opened the Srec file and compared it with the Srec file I got for MCF5272 with 
> u-boot1.1.2 and seemed pretty ok. Do I have to do something to get it on the 
> console ?

Hello Adarsh,

There have been changes to cpu/mcf52x2/start.S since the addition of 
M5271EVB that broke things for this target - with one of the symptoms 
being missing console output. This have been fixed recently (commit 
daa6e418bcc0c717752e8de939c213c790286096), so you could try to (1) 
follow Zachary's suggestion and use sources as of commit 
78b123cd69d485887f33ebd33ba1f9b27f8e6916, or (2) use recent sources 
(daa6e418bcc0c717752e8de939c213c790286096 and later).


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