[U-Boot-Users] MPC8360 Rev 2 patch?

Kim Phillips kim.phillips at freescale.com
Fri Feb 9 21:57:30 CET 2007

On Thu, 08 Feb 2007 16:50:50 -0600
Steven Hein <ssh at sgi.com> wrote:

> Thanks Kim!    After a little bit of "git for dummies", I figured out how
> to grab the mpc83xx branch.     But before your mail, I was just looking
> in WD's git tree for the changes--I didn't know that freescale had its
> own git trees for u-boot.

it was set up primarily for WD's convenience, so he could just pull from it.  It's also useful to have avant garde mpc83xx users such as yourself get 'early access.'  Ultimately, though, an mpc83xx tree should be hosted on denx.de.

> One question about the 8360 version.   When I compile it straight up
> for the MPC8360EMDS_HOST_66 configuration, I never see any output
> at the startup of U-boot.   But if I comment out the open firmware
> defines in the include/configs/MPC8360EMDS.h config file, then all works.
> Why doesn't this work for me straight up on the board it was compiled for?
> (This has been true for all U-boot versions I've tried for the 8360).
that's odd - MPC8360EMDS_HOST_66 works fine here and there's nothing obvious I can see in the code that would warrant that sort of behaviour.  Can you provide details?


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