[ELDK] Crosstool for MIPS exception in "run time"

Bemipefe bemipefe at libero.it
Sat Dec 1 15:34:49 CET 2007

In First, thank you for your help.

Maybe i have bad posted the problem, but i think that this is a compile 
Now retry with a simple Hello World:

That is:
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>

void main()

printf("Hello World!");


I compile in the default way:

mips-linux-gcc -EL -I $HOME/Programs/mipstools/mips_4KCle/usr/include/ 
my_hello.c -o my_hello

Then if i try to run mips-linux-run my_hello, i receive:

mips-core: 4 byte read to unmapped address 0x400510 at 0x400510
program stopped with signal 7.

the same error by gxemul:

[ exception TLBL <tlb> vaddr=0x00400510 pc=0x00400510 <__start> ]

I think that there is a wrong ELF. We can do a proof. If you compile 
this "hello world" and your machine not have an error in run time
send me the executable. If my machine fail there is any problem in my 
computer. But if it's not this case ?

Have you the same problem with mips-2007-01-21.iso ?
What's your steps for compiling ?

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