[ELDK] Running a server: init or script?

Giuseppe Modugno g.modugno at elettronika.it
Fri Jul 4 12:14:34 CEST 2008

Dear Detlev,

On 4 Jul 2008 at 10:52, Detlev Zundel wrote:
> > how should I start a server (for example, a web server or a ftp
> > server) on a linux box based on ELDK 4.1 SELF ramdisk?
> Nobody knows what you "should" do.  This depends on your
> requirements.

Yes, you're right.

> > I'd use the first solution (init), but I see that modern
> > distribution (like Debian or Ubuntu) doesn't use init to start
> > servers, but uses scripts in /etc/init.d or something similar.
> Think about what you need.  If you always need the webserver, i.e.
> if it is an integral part of your device, then use init + respawn. 
> This way you are even protected against webserver crashes.
> If on the other hand the webserver is an optional service, i.e.
> there are times where the service is not allowed to run (for example
> due to memory constraints during an update, etc.), then init is not
> the natural choice.
> Because of this optional nature, most services on desktop machines
> are not started by init + respawn.

I perfectly understand your points. Thank you very much for your
answers... they are very precious.

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