[ELDK] problem using nfs root in AMCC 405Ex dev. board

Dave Rensberger David.Rensberger at ambientcorp.com
Thu Jul 17 16:27:59 CEST 2008

I have run DENX 4.2 over an NFS mount on a Kilauea board with no
modifications, so assuming that your hardware is good and your u-boot
partitions are formatted correctly, I'm guessing it's something pretty
basic.   If you haven't already, I'd suggest running the scripts that
fix the permissions and create the device files.   I know that's
something that's tripped me up a few times.   I'd also try testing your
NFS mount from a different NFS client just to make sure the mount is
exported properly.


In message <39c0b5ca0807160943o46440dc1p976f6323c841d761 at mail.gmail.com>
you wrote:
>         Does anybody else have the nfs root filesystem working ?; I
> checked all the UBOOT environment variables; all OK
>         Any suggestions ?

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