[ELDK] Creating small target rootfs in DENX

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri May 23 22:30:20 CEST 2008

In message <B7BC4CB64CA090478F283BA589292737175DAD at abtg-mail.ambientcorp.com> you wrote:
> OK I'll take a look at this.   I'm actually trying really hard to come
> up with a way to do it that doesn't involve any modified RPMS.   My
> tentative plan is to try to use the ELDK to build all of the completely
> generic (i.e. unmodified) parts of my target Linux distro, and then add
> all of my companies customized components as a separate step.  
> If possible, I'd like to keep the customized part of my target build
> process RPM free.   I understand why the DENX distro is RPM based, but
> for my own purposes, I've always found RPMs to be extremely awkward to
> create and modify.  I also think that the complexity of RPM is
> unwarranted in my company's final product, since we won't be delivering
> software to our customer as individual components.

You don;t have to use RPM. You can just put everything you want in
your target root file system into some directory tree (probably
controlled by some custom Makefiles or scripts etc.), and then use
this as base to generate your root file system image.

Please see section "9.4. Root File System: Design and Building" in the

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