[ELDK] USB Host Controller for the MPC8270

Huub Eikens huubeikens at hotmail.com
Wed May 28 11:55:17 CEST 2008

Dear Wolfgang,
Thans for your (very quick) response.> > > > I am in need of a USB Host Controller device for the MPC8270 for the 2.4 li> > nux kernel. On internet I found one, but this is only for version 2.6:> > You probably want to post such reuests on the PPC (or the USB) mailin> lists instead. It's actually off topic as far as the ELDK is related.Thanx, I will.
> > Therefor, I'm planning to backport this driver to 2.4. I would like to know> > I think you should instead consider updating your kernel tree to a> current version (2.6.25 or later).We are depending on software components that were developed by an external partner and is only available for 2.4 kernel.
> > 1. this is really feasible or not,> > I have yet to see any USB driver code that works reliably on the> MPC82xx USB controllers. We always recommend our customers to use> external USB controllers if they need reliable operation...Do you mean this also for 2.6 kernel USB drivers?
Kind regards,
Huub Eikens
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