[ELDK] memory usage in embedded linux

arun sharma arun.coral at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 15:51:31 CEST 2008

Dear All
There is small question about memory usage in embedded syste,.

I will try to explain as following in my example.

Embedded system with following configuration
FLASH size is 16MB
SDRAM size is 64Mb

Uboot takes 200kb in flash
Kernel compress image take 2Mb in flash.
compress Root File system takes 10Mb

After expending and booting in SDRAM.

Uboot takes 200Kb (for simple calculation i am putting 1Mb)
Kernel takes 10Mb for example.
File system expand to 40Mb.

It means 51Mb memory used.
is 64-51Mb = 13Mb used for application.

or How to calculate memory usage for kernel and application and what is safe


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