[ELDK] RFSB Problems - cpio pointing to incorrect path

Detlev Zundel dzu at denx.de
Fri Dec 4 19:15:27 CET 2009

Hi Jonathan,

> I had the RFSB system setup on another system and am now trying to get it setup
> on a new system.  However, I have had to change the paths of my ELDK install.

The ELDK is not relocatable, I'm sorry - you will need to reinstall to
the new position and add the additional files afterwards.  The
"non-relocatable" part is the rpm database that ELDK uses.

> Now when I try to build the RFSB, it tries to look in /home/jhaws/eldk/ppc_4xx/
> for the necessary files (busybox, dropbear, Xenomai, etc.).  How can I change
> that path?

You will need to relocate the rpm db.  Unfortunately I do not know a
better way than to reinstall to the different position.

You can check this hypothesis by inspecting the output of
"${CROSS_COMPILE}rpm -ql busybox" for example.  RFSB uses the output of


2) interrupt handler runs a long time:    I'm sure we still have some of those
especially in the archaelogical corners of drivers/* and in the creative space
of the embedded  "oh, I don't know why but it works" departement.  That's code
which needs to be fixed anyway.                            -- Thomas Gleixner
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