[ELDK] how to compile Apache on arm

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Dec 10 23:55:28 CET 2009

Dear "Hu Kai",

In message <ECA5550C083B44EA85C591F52561556C at WSGENERAL50002> you wrote:
> In the ELDK 4.2, there already have one Apache httpd 2.2.4 compiled for
> arm.
> Could you explain a bit more on how to compile it?

It's a standard RPM package, and gets build like all the rest of the
packages. The process is documetned in the DULG -see

> I tried to direct compile from NFS root file system on the target board,
> but
> faced some libtool issue.

With a more specific problem description you would have much better
chances for help.

> I also try to compile on a Linux Host, also faced another issue.

Ditto. You probably also want to read

Best regards,

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