[ELDK] TCP connection lost after "Router solicitation" message sent by device

Yigal Goldberger yigal_gold at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 25 18:25:38 CET 2009

Hi All,
I have a device running kernel . The device comminicates via TCP/IP with another PC on the same network. After 5 days with no problems of constant communication, the communication fails . When I viewed the log from a network monitor I saw that right before the connection was lost the device sent out a "Router Solicitation" message . The destination MAC address was - 333300000002 (NOT the PC's MAC).(I can't find this MAC on my network.). I'm not sure there is a relation between this message and the communication failure,but right after this message the host lost the connection with my device ...
Does anyone have an idea what the issue may be .
Yigal Goldberger.


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