[ELDK] gdbserver issues on xilinx PPC440 Virtex5FX with ELDK4.2

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Tue Feb 24 19:44:32 CET 2009

Dear "Frederic LEGER",

In message <003101c9967f$47ee1c90$3e0414ac at esisar.inpg.fr> you wrote:
> First tries were with ELDK 4.2 GLIBC ramdisk.image.gz (1.8Mo) + gdbserver
> and libs + hello app => crash on break main when "continue" => continuing...
> Libs were added after using ${CROSS_COMPILE}ldd against gdb and gdbserver
> and comes from the ppc_4xx \libs and \usr\libs drawer.
> We tried kernels 2.6.28, 2.6.27rc4 and 2.6.27rc9 from Xilinx git.

It might make sense to try this with the cross-gdb fom ELDK 4.1 ...

> Next try with ELDK4.2 GLIBC ramdisk.image.gz (1.8Mo) + GDB and libs + hello
> app  => crash on break main & continue.
> Ext2 ramdisk size was 16Mo cause GDB and libs are quite heavy. (we have > 64MB
> soldered on board)
> We tried kernels 2.6.27rc9 from Xilinx git.


> Could you please give me your opinion on the behaviour below :  
> ${CROSS_COMPILE}gdb --tui helloppcstatic Then under gdb: target remote
> Now, after connecting to target I got:
> Remote debugging using
> 0x10000140 in _start()
> (gdb)

Please try a "show arch" here.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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