[ELDK] [PATCH][RFSB] Expand mkfs.jffs2 options

Detlev Zundel dzu at denx.de
Thu Jul 1 11:47:26 CEST 2010

Hi Ron,

> This patch will add the options for page size, image padding, clean markers,
> and clean marker size.  This patch also sets the default for
> JFFS2_ERASE_BLOCKSIZE to zero and checks that all appropriate values have been
> set.

Thanks for the respin.  I have one question however:


> +       depends JFFS2_CLEANMARKER
> +       int "CLEANMARKER size"
> +       default 0
> +       help
> +         Write 'CLEANMARKER' nodes with the size specified. It is not normally
> +	 appropriate to specify a size other than the default 12 bytes.

I never used that option so I'm unsure about this.  Do we ever want to
change this value?  I really would like to only offer options that are
sensible to change.

If it is sensible to have this option, then from what I read in the
documentation, 12 is indeed a good default as it does not seem to depend
on the actual device.  Am I right?

If we agree on how to proceed, I can fix up the patch myself.


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