[ELDK] Unable to boot Linux Kernel 2.6.24 into MPC5200 (lite5200b)

Peter Kunnemann ITB itb.pkue at googlemail.com
Tue Jul 13 21:02:12 CEST 2010

thank you for your response. I had something else to complete
so this message comes somewhat late.

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> From: Wolfgang Grandegger [mailto:wg at grandegger.com]
> Hi Peter,
> please do not drop the CC to the ELDK mailing list.

I am sorry, that happened accidently, will remember in future


> >> You need to build a flat device tree blob as well. With recent
> kernel
> >> version just type:
> >>
> >>   $ make lite5200b.dtb
> > This did not work at all but there seem to be an make option
> > that accepts the file name you mentioned.
> I wrote "with a recent kernel version". It will not work with 2.6.24.
> As
> recommended, please use recent 2.6.34.x kernel from kernel.org.

Thanks, that helped but I am planning to install Xenomai as well
on that box and I hope I'll find a matching patch. :-) Anyhow I
will try to get a vanilla kernel working first.


> >
> > $ make cuImage
> > $ make: *** No rule to make target `cuImage'.  Stop
> >
> > dtc compiler was apparently not installed:
> >
> > Hence:
> > $ sudo apt-get install device-tree-compiler
> > And
> > $ dtc -I dts -O dtb -o lite5200b.dtb lite5200b.dts
> >
> > Which gave me a lot of warnings like:
> >
> > Warning (reg_format): "reg" property in /soc5200 at f0000000/cdm at 200 -
> >   has invalid length (8 bytes) (#address-cells == 2, #size-cells ==
> 1)
> > ...
> > etc.
> Don't waste your time with that old kernel version.

Fine, the latest version did build the cuImage with:

$  make cuImage.lite5200b

But I was unable to boot that either. All sorts of traps or errors.
I am not really keen to pursue that further.

> >> and copy this file to the boot location.
> >
> > OK, but the board has a uboot installed that may not support the dtb
> > (1.1.4) and I might need a cuImage boot file?
> Yes, but I'm not sure if cuImage is building and working properly for
> that board. The better solution is to update u-boot.

I managed to update uBoot and was able to run in RAM even though it may
not be designed that way.
I was able to issue the bootm command and the kernel loaded. I could see
Nfs connection being made to the nfs server but there was no console
Messages at all.

net_nfs=tftp $(fdtaddr) $(dtbfile);tftp $(kernel_ram_addr) \
$(bootfile);run nfsargs addip;
printenv bootargs;bootm $(kernel_ram_addr) - $(fdtaddr)

It did load the fd but stopped after the 'uncompressing OK'


> If
> you are lucky, the cuImage is building and working. I can't tell.

I builds but does not boot properly. I changed Load Address from 0x40000
to 0x0 as well but that did not help also.

I would really like to stay with the recent kernel image but that seems
to having problems talking to the console. It stops talking after the

Uncompressing Kernel Image ... OK

bootargs=console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/nfs rw

Thanks very much for your patience


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