[ELDK] How can I build agin the toolchain ? (ELDK)

Detlev Zundel dzu at denx.de
Tue Jul 27 19:43:30 CEST 2010

Hi Marie Reine,

such questions should be posted to the ELDK mailing list which I added
on CC.

> I am using ELDK 4.2 and the target is a powerpc. Building a wlan
> driver, I got this error "internal compiler error: in
> expand_expr_real_1, at expr.c:8718" 

Isn't there a fix for the driver available?  The gcc version in ELDK up
to now worked pretty well..

> I found a patch for gcc 4.2.2 which probably would settle this
> probleme (not sure yet) and so would like to use it. Since I have the
> sources, how can I build the toolchain to be able to use this patch ?

Rebuilding the toolchain in ELDK is a non-trivial operation and very
likely requires you to setup a build environment which allows this.
There is an application note on our server[1] which describes an easy
way to do this.  From there it is rebuilding an eldt package[2].

Keep us posted if you are successful.

Best wishes
  Detlev Zundel

[1] http://www.denx.de/wiki/DULG/AN2009_02_EldkReleaseBuildEnvironment
[2] http://www.denx.de/wiki/view/DULG/ELDKRebuildingComponents#Section_3.8.3.

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