[ELDK] ELDK compiler for MPC8378E

Dilip dilip.chakravarthy at gmail.com
Sat May 22 19:17:03 CEST 2010


I downloaded the ELDK compiler for compiling u-boot for MPC8378E
processor. I have three doubts regarding this compiler

1. In the supported target architectures list it is mentioned that
ppc_6xx should be used for MPC83XX series processors. After the
installation is complete, I found the directories for ppc_6xx,
ppx_7xx, ppc_82xx. But ppc_83xx is missing. So, out of these three
which one should I use for MPC837XE processor?

2. MPC8378E uses the e300 core. But the ppc_6xx compiles for 60x
cores. So, is the code compiled for 60x processor can run on e300

3. Can I also use the ppc_8xx compiler for building the u-boot of MPC8378E?

T.Dilip Chakravarthy.

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