[ELDK] Resource temporarily unavailable

Luigi Rizzi rizzi at algorab.com
Mon Nov 8 18:14:41 CET 2010


The original kernel of my TQM885D module with U-boot 1.3.0-rc2 and Linux 2.4.25, has got the Ethernet support via MPC8xx Serial Communication Controller SCC2.

Unfortunately I need to use SSC2 as UART in my system. So I recompiled the kernel setting:

-Enable Ehternet Support Via serial communication controller on SCC1
-Enable SCC for UART
-Use SCC2 for UART

On the original carrier board (from TQ) everything works fine! I can send, receive data and drive RTS line properly...
But, when I mount the module on my own carrier board, using this uart I found:

"Resource temporarily unavailable"

And this time also the RTS line is not driven?

Any hint?


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