[ELDK] Never get any core dumps

Anatolij Gustschin agust at denx.de
Tue Nov 23 10:20:08 CET 2010

Hi Christian,

On Tue, 23 Nov 2010 09:50:19 +0100
Christian Fröbel <christian.froebel at rheinmetall.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> strangely, all our programs we build for PPC never generate any core dumps when they crash.
> Of course we did 'ulimit -c unlimited' but that didn't have any effect.
> We also tried using setrlimit() directly in the program--again without any success.
> Right now we're out of ideas and would greatly appreciate any pointers.
> The system we use:
> ELDK: 4.2
> Linux Kernel:
> gcc: 4.2.2
> CPU: PPC 7448

Is CONFIG_ELF_CORE option enabled in your kernel configuration? If
not, enable it and try again.

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