[ELDK] ELDK 3.4.4?

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Fri Dec 23 17:00:24 CET 2011

Dear Scott,

you can post such questions on the ELDK mailing list: see

In message <18148FC12D903645B4FA1ABB3E8442C13F1E360E at 15-mail-002.fsgn.net> you wrote:
> Was there an ELDK 3.4.4? It seems that there is a version of the ELDK
> that was downloaded by my predecessor here that uses arm-linux-gcc
> version 3.4.4. However, I can't find any versions available for the
> ELDK that use that same gcc version.

There has never been such a version released by us.

> So, I'm wondering if there was a version of the ELDK that used gcc
> 3.4.4 and if so, is it possible for me to get the source iso image
> for it?

Please note that the ELDK release numbers are in no way related to GCC
release versions.

Releases and GCC versions were:

ELDK 2.1.0 - gcc version 2.95.4
ELDK 3.0   - gcc version 3.2.2
ELDK 3.1   - gcc version 3.3.3
ELDK 3.1.1 - gcc version 3.3.3
ELDK 4.0   - gcc version 4.0.0
ELDK 4.1   - gcc version 4.0.0
ELDk 4.2   - gcc version 4.2.2
ELDK 5.0   - gcc version 4.5.1
ELDK 5.1   - gcc version 4.6.1
ELDK 5.2   - gcc version 4.6.3 (or higher)

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