[ELDK] Problem in porting Linux on Kontron VCE405 powerpc board

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Feb 2 23:17:55 CET 2011

Dear rajive.gupta at us.transport.bombardier.com,

In message <OF4E9D5348.F10B12D3-ON8525782B.007187F5-8525782B.0072398A at amer.bombardier.com> you wrote:
> Thanks for your response. I created a dtb file using walnut.dts file which
> is very close to our target. I also added the ft_board_setup in the target 
> board configuration file. I am still getting the same problem. Please see 
> below new output

What exactly do you expect?  That somebody uses his shiny crystal ball
and tells you: "Oh, there is a semicolon missing in line 42 of your
source file foo.c!" ?

We do not know your board.

We do not know the changes you made to U-Boot and/or to Linux.

We do not know how you set up you device tree.

We don't even see which boot arguments you passed to Linux, if any.
For example, it might be interesting to check how you set the console=

You provide basicly no information and expect we can guess everything
from nothing?  Sorry, but this is not how it's working.

And by the way: nothing in your postings is related to the ELDK in any
way, i. e. you are kind of off topic on this list.  In general, you
should rather post on the linuxppc-dev mailing list - but before you
try, please make sure to provide better information.  And do your home
work, read the documentation, especially the parameter passing to the


Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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