[ELDK] ELDK 5.0 - cc1: error Do not use -Os option if -enable-target-optspace is not set

Patrick O'Halloran pohalloran at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 15:05:07 CEST 2011

>Dear Patrick,

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>> I'm trying to understand what is the cause or root of the following

>> issue, when building a Linux kernel for my target (PPC440EP FPU).

>First I should point out that we do not have any configuration of ELDK 5.0
yet that supports the PPC4xx or PPC44x processors.  Yous, you can use the
powerpc configuration, but this is unsupported and you are on your own if
you run into any problems.

POH:Do you have any timeframes of when  PPC4xx or PPC44x processors will be
supported in ELDK 5.0?

> Where would this option be enabled and how can I get around the issue?

> Any known/related issues I should to aware of.

>The option "-enable-target-optspace" should be enabled in the configuration
when building gcc, but thjis is impossible at the moment due to a number of
regressions in recent versions of GCC.  See for example



>So in short, it's a GCC bug for which we don't have a fix yet.

>Note that the issue is still present in more recent versions f GCC (like

POH: Thanks for the pointers to these, noted.

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>Please omit such crap when posting to a public mailing list.

POH: Sorry, used corporate email, and it autosigns this after I submit, will
use personal in future for posts.

Thanks again for the information.

> Best regards,

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