[ELDK] powerpc-linux-gcc:command not found

Khalid Mohiuddin khalid.mohiuddin at dektech.com.au
Fri Nov 11 18:52:03 CET 2011

Hi Stefano,
    Thanks as I didn't know PATH would be effected by using sudo. The  
problem is partly solved now. Below is the error message.

khalid at khalid-VPCS13S9E:~/ctbuild/linux$ make ARCH=powerpc  
CROSS_COMPILE=powerpc-linux- CROSS32_COMPILE=powerpc-linux-
*** 3.0 kernels no longer build correctly with old versions of binutils.
*** Please upgrade your binutils to 2.12.1 or newer
make: *** [checkbin] Error 1
khalid at khalid-VPCS13S9E:~/ctbuild/linux$

What could be the problem? below is what I got with ->ld --version
khalid at khalid-VPCS13S9E:~/ctbuild/linux$ ld --version
GNU ld (GNU Binutils for Ubuntu)

(To recall, my host os is ubuntu 11.xx 64bit) Do I have to get latest  
binutils or apply some patch?

Thanks for the help.


Quoting Stefano Babic <sbabic at denx.de>:

> On 11/11/2011 04:01 PM, Khalid Mohiuddin wrote:
>> Hi,
>>     I am new to linux and trying to build linux3.x for powerpc. I got
>> the following errors
>> khalid at khalid-VPCS13S9E:~/ctbuild/linux$ sudo make ARCH=powerpc
>> CROSS_COMPILE=powerpc-linux- CROSS32_COMPILE=powerpc-linux-
> Can you ask you why you want to compile the kernel as root ? Sometimes
> it is nice to have some powers, but to compile the kernel is too much.
> As root you get the PATH of root user, and then the compiler is not found.
> But I do not usually compile the kernel as root...
> Best regards,
> Stefano Babic
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