[tbot] [Discussion] Calling tbot from within the source directory

Heiko Schocher hs at denx.de
Thu Nov 29 10:09:05 UTC 2018

Hello Claudius,

Am 29.11.2018 um 10:41 schrieb Claudius Heine:
> Quoting Claudius Heine (2018-11-29 10:20:43)
>> Hi Harald,
>> Quoting Harald Seiler (2018-11-29 10:01:34)
>>>>> then you could use the current working directory in your testcases, so
>>>>> you would not need an additional parameter or environment variable to
>>>>> point the the source-tree if you want to avoid having the path to it
>>>>> inside the testcases.
>>>>> I hope I made myself understandable, but I basically I would like to
>>>>> kill multiple birds with one stone:
>>>>>   1. Make calling tbot from outside the tbot configuration directory
>>>>>   easier.
>>>>>   2. Make it possible to use cwd inside testcases to point to the
>>>>>   source-tree -> make it easier to reuse/share testcases because they
>>>>>   would not need to contain the path to the source tree anymore.
>>>> I can just imagine that you need, but if you could draft a simple real
>>>> testcase here, it is easier to understand the reasons.
>>> I think I can see what Claudius is on about here.  The thing is, you
>>> shouldn't use `cwd` in your testcases, because it doesn't honor the specified
>>> lab.  Instead you should use `lh.workdir`, which is a proper tbot path
>>> and it's value should be defined in the lab-config.
>> Ok, I think I get you here. You cannot do that, since the source/build
>> products might be somewhere else, not on the machine running tbot.

Yes, of course this is possible with tbot ... I build on hercules in
ubuntu 16.04 container, while my board is connected to a lab host (raspberry pi)
and starting tbot on my PC ...

>> But I would also argue that the path to a specific project is not a lab
>> or testcase configuration. It should be part of the user and project specific one.
>> So I think I currently don't know enough about tbot to know where to
>> best put this kind of configuration. Maybe we have to implement some
>> sort of configuration file support in tbot then.
> Just a suggestion from me, calling tbot like this:
>    tbot -c config.ini my-testcase
> Where the ini file would contain something like this:
>    [tbot]
>    verbose=2
>    cwd=/home/user/work/tbot/tbot-myproduct
>    lab=lab/my-lab.py
>    board=board/my-board.py
>    flags=flag1 flag2
>    testcase=my-default-testcase
>    [project]
>    sources=work/source/my-project-source
>    outdir=work/source/my-project-source/out
>    nfsdir=/srv/nfs/my-project/user/
>    tftpdir=/srv/tftp/my-project/user/
> What do you think?

I do not like this approach with ini files... trust me, I had such
config files in the old approach, and it was just a mess ...

You can define for example the workdir from your lab with:

class Tbot2goLab(lab.SSHLabHost, linux.BuildMachine):
     name = "tbot2go"
     hostname = ""
     username = "pi"

     def workdir(self) -> "linux.path.Path[Tbot2goLab]":
         return linux.Workdir.static(self, f"/work/{self.username}/tbot-workdir")

I added here, a "yocto result dir", where I store build artifacts from
a yocto build (for example on hercules in ubuntu 16.04 container)

     def yocto_result_dir(self) -> "linux.path.Path[Tbot2goLab]":
         return linux.Workdir.static(self, f"/srv/tftpboot/" + tbot.selectable.Board.name + 

Also I defined a build machine (hercules ubuntu 16.04 container)
I can access from my labhost.

class Hercules1604SSH(linux.SSHMachine, linux.BuildMachine):
     name = "hercules-1604"
     hostname = "hercules"
     username = "hs"
     port = 11604

     def ssh_config(self) -> typing.List[str]:
         return [f"ProxyJump={self.username}@pollux.denx.org,hs at hercules"]

     def authenticator(self) -> linux.auth.Authenticator:
         return linux.auth.PrivateKeyAuthenticator(
             pathlib.PurePosixPath("/home") / "pi" / ".ssh" / "id_rsa"

     def workdir(self) -> "linux.Path[HerculesSSH]":
         return linux.Workdir.static(self, f"/work/{self.username}/tbot")

So I have access to a workdir in the hercules ubuntu16.04 container and
workdir on the lab host ...

now you can use shell.copy() to transfer files between them in your testcase.py

y_result_files = [

def XXX_copy_to_lab(
         lab: typing.Optional[linux.LabHost] = None,
         build = None
) -> None:
     with lab or tbot.acquire_lab() as lh:
         with build or lh.build() as bh:
             for f in y_result_files:
                 s = bh.workdir_dir / f
                 t = lh.workdir_dir / f
                 tbot.tc.shell.copy(s, t)

Also you can define in the respective class nfsdir, tftpdir ... and copy
files to them ...

All this is defined in your lab config py file.... no need for a ini file ...

I am sure Harald knows a better method than I describe :-P

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