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Stefano Babic sbabic at denx.de
Thu Feb 7 07:29:29 UTC 2019

Hi Lukasz !

On 07/02/19 08:22, Lukasz Majewski wrote:
> Dear All,
> Recently I was forced to poke around for a good quality power strip
> device (my previous one is EOL).
> The one, which I've found (and tested):
> https://www.antratek.com/netio4all-remote-controlled-power-sockets-with-metering?___SID=U

I have the NETIO3 since 4 years in my lab.

NETIO3 is like NETIO4ALL, but without WLAN. Same protocol. I use "fhem"
to drive it with a wrap around script on top of it named (guess !)
"remote_power". tbot drives a couple of plugs of it (the rest are the
main power supply of my lab). It works fine and I can suggest, just
NETIO4ALL (the new one) is quite expensive. NETIO3 costed ~100€.

> NETIO 4ALL setup:
> =================
> NETIO 4ALL -> Update firmware (up to 3.1.0) for the IP power strip 
> adjust DHCP to have static IP based on MAC address
> sudo apt-get install snmp-mibs-downloader snmp-tools
> Read MIB properties from device:
> 1. Log into device via web browser interface -
> (admin/admin default password) 
> 2. Tab M2M API Protocols -> SNMP -> enable, SNMP version 
> 3, set username and password, mark "Allow READ-WRITE access" and
> "Download MIB file".
> 3. Read properties from the device:
> snmpwalk -v3 -m ~/Downloads/mib.txt  -l authPriv -u lukma -a SHA -A
> "xxx"  -x AES -X "xxx" NetioOutputEntry
> 4. Control output from command line
> snmpset -v3 -m ~/Downloads/mib.txt  -l authPriv -u lukma -a SHA -A
> "xxx"  -x AES -X "xxx" netioOutputAction.3 i 1

This is another option, thanks to point to this !

> where:
> netioOutputAction.{1234} is the port number and "i 1" is the state
> (1-on, 0-off)
> Hope that this will be helpful.


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