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Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Feb 7 09:42:16 UTC 2019

Dear Lukasz,

In message <20190207100526.1574e838 at jawa> you wrote:
> > So if you need to address another area of remote controling devices
> > (like remote operation of reset button or boot mode jumpers etc.)=20
> > you can for example use a Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 mit Tasmota firmware
> > which gets you 4 relays you can operate over wifi for just 14=E2=82=AC.
> When I will be forced to connect more than 4 (8?) devices (which are
> pretty power hungry) - then not only scale matter, but also the power
> output from the supply.
> But Yes, PC power supply with high quality relays scales better.

You misunderstand.  I use the relays only for things like reset
button, or boot mode jumpers, etc.

> Can you recommend any 12/24V power supply? (Either standalone or U rack
> one?). Or do you use "normal" PC power supply

None of this.  I always use the power supplies provided with the
device by the customer, and I switch the 230V mains.

> It seems so. As said before - I do want to have working prototype first
> (with tbot).

So did I - using the web interface of the Tasmota firmware (which
you can also operate using curl, for example), but this is just
"open" in the network, zero security.  That's why my goal is to go
for MQTT (and then probably Node Red).

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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