[tbot] Breaking Change: New U-Boot build testcase

Harald Seiler hws at denx.de
Thu Feb 7 12:28:49 UTC 2019

Hello all!

I have finally rewritten the U-Boot build testcase.  Before pushing this
breaking change, I would like to hear some feedback.  If you are currently
making use of this testcase, please check-out the `new-uboot-build`[1] branch
and follow this migration guide:

>   You will need to adapt you board config to work with the new version:
>   * The build-info no longer exists, instead you define a `UBootBuilder`.  Take
>     a look at the docs [2] to see available options.
>   * The build attribute of your U-Boot machine must now be an **instance** of
>     your `UBootBuilder`, **not** the class itself.
>   Example of the new config:
>   	from tbot.machine import board
>   	from tbot.tc import uboot
>   	class MyUBootBuilder(uboot.UBootBuilder):
>   	    name = "my-builder"
>   	    defconfig = "my_defconfig"
>   	    toolchain = "generic-armv7a-hf"
>   	class MyUBootMachine(board.UBootMachine):
>   	    ...
>   	    build = MyUBootBuilder()

Please tell me if everything still works as expected after migrating!

[1]: https://github.com/Rahix/tbot/tree/new-uboot-build
[2]: https://rahix.de/tbot/module-tc.html#tbot.tc.uboot.UBootBuilder

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