[tbot] Next steps

Harald Seiler hws at denx.de
Wed Jan 16 10:01:26 UTC 2019


I want to ask for some input on the priorities of the following
features.  Which of the following features/changes would you need
the most?

## Documentation Generation
Old tbot had this feature and I definitely want it in new tbot as well.
The basic idea is the following:  A generator that takes a test-run's logfile
and a 'template' and uses these to generate a pdf documenting the process
of reproducing the results.  The usecase is for example automatically generating
documentation for board bringup.

## Refactored Configuration
Currently tbot takes two config files, one with `-l` and one with `-b`.
The new system would only have one parameter `-c` which can be specified
multiple times.  Each config file can then specify any of

	* LAB

.  tbot will read the files in order and for each of the names takes
the last one that was defined.
   This would allow a more modularized config approach which (hopefully)
makes sharing configs easier.

## JTAG Debugger Integration
New machine flavors for eg. BDI debuggers.

## More Documentation
Right now, the docs are pretty lacking, especially for onboarding and
getting started with tbot.  This has to change sooner rather than later
but might not be the biggest prio right now ... You decide!
   Another point to include here is "marketing":  I got feedback that
while the docs provide a reference, there is way to little explanation
what tbot is actually useful for.  "Why should I even use tbot?" The
reason I haven't written much about this is, to be quite honest:  I am
not yet sure.  Right now people are experimenting what tbot is good at,
where it is still lacking, or where it might not the right choice
at all.  I need some input here ... Tell me what you think!

## Refactored Build-System
As I previously mentioned, the current build testcases are not really
in a state that is fun to use.  Before making them more feature rich
there should be an overhaul of the design.

## More builtin Testcases
Right now, there are about 5 testcases included with tbot (not counting
selftests).  While I don't want to stick every possible testcase into
tbot core, there should definitely be a few more.  For example a testcase
to build linux or to run U-Boot's test/py.

## Examples
While the docs contain some code scattered about, there is no official
working demo yet.  I think such a repo would help beginners a lot with
understanding the basics of tbot.

## DENX Internal: CI
New tbot should run in a CI for all our hardware at some point.  This needs
to be set up so you can add your CI testcases. (Discussion about this should
probably be moved to the internal ML, especially security considerations)

If there is anything I missed, please mention that as well!


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