[discussion]: reporting U-Boot test results with tbot

Tom Rini trini at konsulko.com
Fri May 1 16:35:41 CEST 2020

On Fri, May 01, 2020 at 07:21:27AM +0200, Heiko Schocher wrote:

> Hello Tom,
> just playing to get a first graph out of my DB...:
> https://github.com/EmbLux-Kft/uboot_results/commit/6dc79a119e9b8937645284f30b37dd4cf9a95d48
> result:
> http://xeidos.ddns.net/ubtestresults/stats/wandboard_defconfig/6
>                                                                ^
>                                            ^       get the last n=6 entries
>                                            |
>                                            name of defconfig
> and you see commits from last night are increasing code size
> of u-boot image!
> values from last night:
> http://xeidos.ddns.net/ubtestresults/result/54
> the night before:
> http://xeidos.ddns.net/ubtestresults/result/53
> Same toolchain as before... so I won some bytes from value
> 2 -> 3 as I used newer linaro toolchain, and lost this last night...
> This is not a problem for the wandboard, but it shows why it makes
> sense to collect testresult ;-)
> I currently have only one defconfig running, so only wandboard_defconfig
> works, but you can play with n ... but the first ~40 entries in
> my DB are not real values, they are hand edited and I  used them for
> testing...

Yeah.  One thing that would be good is if I could progmatically submit
results to something like that.  I do build every board before/after
every PR and check the sizes looking for "out of the ordinary" size

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