Re-syncing U-Boot DTS with the kernel again

Patrice CHOTARD patrice.chotard at
Fri Nov 6 09:17:32 CET 2020

Hi Tom

I have submitted a series which update device tree for STM32 MCU's boards:

All STM32 DT warnings should be fixed.



On 10/23/20 6:05 PM, Tom Rini wrote:
> Hey all,
> As part of moving us up again to a recent dtc snapshot (and get in sync
> with the Linux kernel and get some useful bugfixes), a bunch of new dtc
> warnings are showing up in our tree.  These have all been fixed in
> upstream Linux I do believe, so it's a matter of doing a full or partial
> resync again with Linux to resolve these.  The warnings are about
> spi_bus_bridge or spi_bus_reg.  The full build logs can be seen over at:
> I've put a WIP/resync-dtc-v1.6.0-31-gcbca977ea121-v4 bring up and I'll
> try and not rebase that yet again now that I'm posting it, but it's not
> intended to merge as-is.  I really don't want to go back to the point
> where we have tons of warnings being generated over device trees again,
> so we need to have a plan to fix these.  Thanks!

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