Collecting U-Boot Testresults: was: [ANN] U-Boot v2020.10 released

Heiko Schocher hs at
Fri Oct 9 06:33:14 CEST 2020

Hi all,

Am 05.10.2020 um 17:17 schrieb Tom Rini:
> Hey all,
> It is release day and here is the v2020.10 release.  With this release
> we have a number of "please migrate to DM" warnings that are now 1 year
> past their warning date, and well past 1 year of those warnings being
> printed.  It's getting up there on my TODO list to see if removing
> features or boards in these cases is easier.
> In terms of a changelog,
> git log --merges v2020.10-rc5..v2020.10
> or
> git log --merges v2020.07..v2020.10
> The merge window is once again open and I plan to tag -rc1 on Monday,
> October 26th, bi-weekly -rcs thereafter and final release on January
> 11th, 2021.
> I am merging the next branch to master shortly and will send a separate
> email when that is done.

I want to use the chance after a new release is out, to ask if
people have interests in sending U-Boot Testresults to


Of course you can use tbot ([2],[7]) for doing all the stuff automated
([2], [3], [4]), but it is enough to create the data by hand and push
a testresult to this server (After you get access to it ...) for example
with my testscript [6]... but I recommend to use tbot, as you also
can use tbot for your daily work.

If enough data is collected for a board, you can get a graphic which
shows the progress of image size for your board, like:

As the server code is on github [5], I am open for more ideas, what
sort of data we want to collect and what we may do with the data...



[2] Example tbot implementation I use for the boards which are in [1]

     Example config for socrates board:

     tbot board config:

     config for using U-Boots

     add patches to U-Boot mainline:

     UBoot builder config (for the "pollux" lab) with enabling some extra
     Kconfig options for the U-Boot test:

[3] tbot generator for pushing to the database:

[4] Minimal "CI" (something like a cron job, but in python):

     and the config for my currently 4 boards:

[5] server code:

[6] script for pushing results to it (by hand):

     This is just an test script from me, it needs cleanup, and of course
     adaptions to work for others ...

[7] tbot documentation
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