[ANN] U-Boot v2021.04-rc4 released

Tom Rini trini at konsulko.com
Mon Mar 15 17:07:44 CET 2021

Hey all,

It's release day, and here's v2021.04-rc4.  Not a whole lot of change
since last time in master, and -next has been and is still open.  I just
want to repeat a few things from -rc3:

- We've moved from "gitlab.denx.de" (and also "git.denx.de") to
  "source.denx.de", please make sure to update your scripts and tools
  and so forth.  If you send me pull requests, now is a good time to
  switch to url/pushurl if you haven't already.
- Once v2021.04 is released I will be pushing a large number of board
  removals for things that will be then 2 years past their "migrate this
  by ... or it might be removed" date which is also around 3 years total
  of notice.

In terms of a changelog, 
git log --merges v2021.04-rc3..v2021.04-rc4
contains what I've pulled but as always, better PR messages and tags
will provide better results here.

I'll be merging -rc4 in to -next shortly and pushing that out as well
once CI completes.

We have one more -rc on March 29th and then release on April 5th.
Thanks all!

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