[ANN] U-Boot v2023.04-rc1 released

Kever Yang kever.yang at rock-chips.com
Tue Jan 31 04:00:52 CET 2023

Hi Tom,

On 2023/1/31 05:05, Tom Rini wrote:
> Hey all,
> So, I've gotten back on regular schedule and here is -rc1, on time. I've
> picked up a Rockchip revert, which should fix some problems but I
> suspect will break some other platforms. I look forward to Kever having
> a chance to address the issue and get everything working for the full
> release.

It's the binman support case without TPL on rockchip platform, will fix 


- Kever

> I've gone over my queue, and I think it's in OK shape, without
> anything too big that needs to come in still, and has been around long
> enough to do so. There's some older series that I do need to provide
> some feedback on.
> And, I want to emphasize something I've mentioned in a few places. I'm
> going to be happy taking big PRs still, for -rc2. But at -rc2 I'm going
> to open -next, and everything else needs to go to -next if it's not
> fixing bugs. This means there's a number of platforms I'm needing a PR
> for. So I will be sending out some off-list messages to check in with
> people, and I know there's a few possible problems here so I might still
> have to make an exception, but I think in general this will help us all
> overall.
> In terms of a changelog,
> git log --merges v2023.01..v2023.04-rc1
> contains what I've pulled but as always, better PR messages and tags
> will provide better results here.
> I'm going to try and stay on schedule now and that means the rest of the
> rcs every other Monday, and with final release on April 3rd, 2023.
> Thanks all!

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