[U-Boot-Custodians] gitlab custodian repo for Raspberry Pi branch

Matthias Brugger mbrugger at suse.com
Wed Nov 27 16:32:24 UTC 2019

Hi Wolfgang,

On 27/11/2019 17:06, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> Dear Matthias,
> In message <240f1a61-6cab-834f-da1a-83e92ffc8efb at suse.com> you wrote:
>> I wanted to ask to get a custodian repo for the Raspberry Pi. Up to now I'm
>> using github and I'd like to switch to the gitlab server provided by Denx.
> Please submit a patch that adds your entry to the MAINTAINERS file.

I'm not sure which MAINTAINERS file you mean. I'm already part of the U-Boot
file [1].


[1] https://gitlab.denx.de/u-boot/u-boot/blob/master/MAINTAINERS#L149

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