[U-Boot-Custodians] [U-Boot] [RFC] Minimum Python 3 version?

Heinrich Schuchardt xypron.glpk at gmx.de
Fri Sep 27 21:20:20 UTC 2019

On 9/27/19 6:36 PM, Peter Robinson wrote:
>> I'm currently kicking test.py to use Python 3 instead of Python 2.7 and
>> seeing places where it would (seemingly) be nice to be able to say that
>> we have Python 3.6 as our minimum version.  To do this however we'll
>> have to tell people using older LTS distributions that they need to
>> figure out the best way for them to install a newer Python is, if they
>> want to run tests at least.
>> This will also mean moving GitLab to "bionic" rather than "xenial", but
>> that's not too bad and I've done so for trying to get all of the fs
>> tests to run (they don't, but I think that's down to needing to kick
>> gitlab-runner harder) and also moving Travis-CI to bionic but that too
>> is now just a few-line change to .travis.yml
>> So, does anyone object to saying that for everything that uses Python to
>> work, Python 3.6 or newer is needed, and for more common tools we'll
>> make best-effort to support older?
> That makes sense to me, the el8 distros (RHEL, CentOS etc) have 3.6
> and el7 has 3.6 available by means, Fedora is at least 3.6 everywhere
> for current releases so I don't think we should have any issues.

Debian Stretch has Python 3.4.2.
End of life in 2020, end of long term support in 2022

Debian Buster has Python 3.7.3
End of life in 2022.

I would not expect expect Debian Stretch moving to current U-Boot. So
requiring Python 3.6 to build current U-Boot seems ok for Debian.

Best regards


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