[IMPORTANT] gitlab relocation / rename

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sun Feb 28 16:14:55 CET 2021

Hi all,

In message <621240.1614155458 at gemini.denx.de> I wrote:
> We have to move all public projects off  gitlab.denx.de  to a new
> gitlab instance; the new host name is then  source.denx.de .
> We are fully aware that this will cause inconveniences, and I can
> only assure you that we try hard to keep these as limited as
> possible.
> # Details
> Around noon on Saturday, 2021-02-27, we will freeze all public
> repositories on gitlab.denx.de.  They will still be readable/
> cloneable but any attempt to push new commits after this point will
> fail.
> We will then copy them over to the now host, source.denx.de .
> All custodian accounts will also be transferred, the same login
> credentials from gitlab.denx.de will work on source.denx.de .
> The URLs for the repositories will stay the same, except of course
> for the host name.  So, for example, the U-Boot mainline repository
> will then be hosted at
>     https://source.denx.de/u-boot/u-boot.git
> We will install redirects to forward HTTP accesses from the old
> repository URLs to the new host.  This should make the transition
> mostly transparent, but does not cover everything.  The following
> needs to be taken care of manually:
> - Update the SSH URI for pushing to the repositories.  Just replace
>   gitlab.denx.de  with  source.denx.de .  We will transfer all the
>   SSH-keys to the new host so nothing else should be needed.
> - Make sure you're logging in on  source.denx.de .  Access to
>   gitlab.denx.de  will no longer work!
> - CI runners connected to  gitlab.denx.de  need to be re-registered
>   with  source.denx.de .
> The new host should hopefully be operational sometime on Sunday,
> 2021-02-28.  We will send a further announcement once everything is
> back up and running.

As far as we were able to test it, the move has been completed and
is fully functional again.  All public project are now on the new
gitlab instance  source.denx.de

If you should experience any problems, please do not hesitate to ask 
Harald Seiler <hws at denx.de>, he will try to help you.

Thanks for your patience!

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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