Cancelled event: U-Boot Contributors (jitsi only) @ Wed 16 Mar 2022 04:30 - 05:00 (NZDT) (u-boot-custodians at

Simon Glass sjg at
Tue Mar 15 04:43:25 CET 2022

This event has been cancelled.

U-Boot Contributors (jitsi only)
Wednesday 16 Mar 2022 ⋅ 04:30 – 05:00
New Zealand Time

Jitsi Meeting -

Join with Google Meet

Join by phone
(US) +1 978-651-1046
PIN: 132174777

More phone numbers

U-Boot biweekly 2021

This call is held on jitsi...with Google Meet as a backup if we have  
problems.Please add topics 24 hours before the meetingStanding agenda:- Get  
to know other U-Boot contributors better- Discuss new features / bugsClick  
the following link to join the meeting from your computer:

Simon Glass
sjg at

Simon Glass- organiser
Daniel Schwierzeck
Sean Anderson
Igor Opaniuk
twoerner at
Ilias Apalodimas
Matthias Brugger
Matthias Brugger at at
Oleh Kravchenko
Lukasz Majewski
Walter Lozano
Michal Simek
Heiko Schocher invitel
Bin Meng - optional
Heinrich Schuchardt - optional
trini at - optional
andriy.shevchenko at - optional
u-boot-custodians at - optional

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