U-Boot CONFIG_DM_I2C migration deadline

Tom Rini trini at konsulko.com
Fri Oct 14 15:34:00 CEST 2022

Hey all,

I'm sending this email out to the main and custodian lists, and bcc'ing
all of the listed maintainers for platforms that have a problem here.
The migration deadline for switching from CONFIG_SYS_I2C_LEGACY to
CONFIG_DM_I2C was the v2022.04 release. Now, per how I've behaved in the
past, I'm not going to immediately remove these platforms. But I will
with v2024.04 at least, and depending on feedback I might start
complaining loudly before then too.  The full list (at least in so far
as our Makefile check can determine) is:
ethernut5 d2net_v2 net2big_v2 inetspace_v2 netspace_lite_v2
netspace_max_v2 netspace_mini_v2 netspace_v2 devkit3250 work_92105
am335x_shc am335x_shc_ict am335x_shc_netboot am335x_shc_sdboot cm_t43
chiliboard am335x_igep003x draco etamin rastaban thuban pxm2 rut
am335x_sl50 am335x_baltos pg_wcom_expu1 pg_wcom_expu1_update
pg_wcom_seli8 pg_wcom_seli8_update db-88f6720 db-88f6820-gp mx53loco
usbarmory mx6qsabrelite nitrogen6dl nitrogen6dl2g nitrogen6q
nitrogen6q2g nitrogen6s nitrogen6s1g cm_fx6 marsboard riotboard
mx6sabreauto mx6sabresd novena vining_2000 udoo_neo cl-som-imx7
pico-dwarf-imx7d pico-hobbit-imx7d pico-imx7d pico-imx7d_bl33
pico-nymph-imx7d pico-pi-imx7d igep00x0 sniper omap3_beagle omap4_panda
omap4_sdp4430 omap5_uevm vf610twr vf610twr_nand ls1088aqds
ls1088aqds_qspi ls1088aqds_qspi_SECURE_BOOT ls1088aqds_sdcard_ifc
ls1088aqds_sdcard_qspi ls1088ardb_qspi ls1088ardb_qspi_SECURE_BOOT
ls1088ardb_sdcard_qspi ls1088ardb_sdcard_qspi_SECURE_BOOT ls2080aqds
ls2080aqds_nand ls2080aqds_qspi ls2080aqds_sdcard ls2080aqds_SECURE_BOOT
ls2080ardb ls2080ardb_nand ls2080ardb_SECURE_BOOT ls2081ardb
ls2088ardb_qspi ls2088ardb_qspi_SECURE_BOOT M5235EVB M5235EVB_Flash32
eb_cpu5282 eb_cpu5282_internal M5208EVBE M5253DEMO M5275EVB
astro_mcf5373l M53017EVB M5329AFEE M5329BFEE M5373EVB MPC837XERDB
kmcoge5ne kmeter1 kmopti2 kmsupx5 kmtepr2 tuge1 tuxx1

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