[U-Boot-Users] Trouble to build U-Boot under Red Hat 7.3

Ken Chou kchou at istor.com
Tue Nov 5 19:12:50 CET 2002


I just download the U-Boot.
There is one problem on the first try.

rm -f include/config.h include/config.mk
/bin/sh: -
: unrecognized option
make: *** [Sandpoint8245_config] Error 1
System not configured - see README
make: *** [all] Error 1
ppc_82xx-size: ppcboot: No such file or directory

It seems like the option is not recognized by the sh.

"sh --version" shows

GNU bash, version 2.05a.0(1)-release (i686-pc-linux-gnu)
Copyright 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

I tried to edit the mkconfig.
To take the -e away in #!/bin/sh -e
However, it gave another error "./mkconfig command not found"

I am not familiar with shell.
Could someone give a hint?


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