[U-Boot-Users] u-boot compilation

Holger Schurig h.schurig at mn-logistik.de
Wed Nov 6 08:54:42 CET 2002

> On Tue, Nov 05, 2002 at 08:40:03PM +0100, André Stierenberg wrote:
> > i have used the toolchain 2.95.3 from www.arm.linux.org.uk. I have
> > installed in in /usr/local/arm like discribed in the README file..
> My impression when I looked at this toolchain for the last time was that
> it is only a stage 1 toolchain - at least this is what the build script
> generates.

Not sure what you've meant, but I'm using the 2.95.3 from www.arm.linux.org.uk 
to compile armboot, now with my u-boot tries. I used it with Linux up to 
2.4.17, now I'm using 3.2 (from the same location). It does NOT work with 

One thing that one has to do with this 2.95.3 right is the installation 
location. It has to be /usr/local/arm/2.95.3 so that your PATH is 

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