[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] lkc support for U-Boot

Robert Schwebel robert at schwebel.de
Wed Nov 6 10:27:57 CET 2002


I just had a look at Holger Schurig's lkc configuration support.  Here: 


you'll find a patch which does the following: 

- add "make menuconfig" and "make xconfig" support based on lkc-1.2 and
  lxdialog-2.5.46 (targets have been added to toplevel makefile)

- the original sources are used, plus a small patch for lkc which can be
  found in tools/lkc-1.2-u-boot.diff (basically avoids that it claims to
  be the Linux kernel, plus some path adjustments). This means that we
  can easily upgrade the system to newer versions of lxdialog and lkc. 

- lxdialog lives in tools/lxdialog/, lkc in tools/lkc-1.2/. No further
  files are touched.  

config.in files have at the moment only been taken from Holger's
archive, this had to be extended in the future, and naturally the build
system had to be adjusted to _use_ the .config file :-) 

This approach has the advantage that it is completely independend from
the old config system, so both can live in parallel for some time. All
the config system does is to generate a .config file from the config.in
descriptions. This .config file can be used in the board support code;
old boards which don't use them can do what they did before, new ones
can use it. 


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