[U-Boot-Users] [PATCH] lkc support for U-Boot

Holger Schurig h.schurig at mn-logistik.de
Wed Nov 6 16:02:58 CET 2002

> > This is because LKC can
> >
> > * only handle config vars that start with CONFIG_
> > * has only types like int, string, bool, but not bitmask
> I see no problem with that.

But I.

CFG_BOOTDELAY would not be handle-able by "make menuconfig" as long as it 
stays at CFG_BOOTDELAY. For me it doesn't make sense to select your hardware 
platform by a menu, but to edit files for things like bootdelay.

If you want to handle anything in make menuconfig, you have to name it 
CONFIG_*, so it has to be named CONFIG_BOOTDELAY.

The same with some other CFG_ variables.

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