[U-Boot-Users] lkc support for U-Boot My $0.02 worth

Rod Boyce rod_boyce at stratexnet.com
Fri Nov 8 16:58:52 CET 2002

What you are forgetting is there the list of supported board currently in
U-Boot are not all the configurations available.  There are configurations
that make Wolfgang's example look very simple that are not released back to
U-Boot for one reason or another.
The flash sector that holds our environment variables in our flash is 128K.

I know that I am going to have to add whatever configuration mechanism you
add to our close source boards and this is my problem and I've hacked the
kernel config files about enough to do this but I still say...
	If it isn't broke why fix it.


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> I still see technical issues; for example, I have not  the  slightest
> idea how longish definitions like:

Not at all. However, I have the feeling that they are not that common. Only 
some board has this here and then.

But those long stuff could stay in the *.h file, if needed.

   char "kernel environment settings"
   depends !SPECIAL_BOARD

and in include/config/special_board.h

  "ten " \
  "thousand " \

> Also,
> I  fear  that  adding new features will become much harder, as you'll
> have to continually extend  the  config  setup.

For me it looks EASIER. A complete description of what is configurable is in

the config.in files. Right now, I have to do things like

grep '^#if' `find -name '*.c'` | sort | unique

to find out what is actually configurable. And then it's only slightly 
documented, and dependencies are not laid out clearly.

> And  finally  -  has
> anybody  benchmarked the speed of such a new config scheme?

I doubt there is much difference...   once you've run make 
config|xconfig|oldconfig|menuconfig, you have to files. One is includeable
"Makefile"s, the other one into C programs.

You simply include this and that's it. I can't see why this should slowdown 
the compilation process.

One thing that might be a little time difference is the

cp board/<boardname>/def-configs .config
make oldconfig.

However, running "make oldconfig" on the current Bitkeeper tree of 
www.openzaurus.org is negligible:

/usr/src/buildroot-oz# touch packages/config.in
/usr/src/buildroot-oz# touch .config
/usr/src/buildroot-oz# times make oldconfig
0.22user 0.09system 0:00.32elapsed 94%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 0maxresident)k
0inputs+0outputs (5351major+2500minor)pagefaults 0swaps

But then again the combined length of all config.in of this project is only 
754 lines with now only 202 configurable variables (I have an 850 MHz AMD 
with 1967 bogomips and the hard disk cache was "warm").

Greetings, Holger

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