[U-Boot-Users] Special u-boot format for Kernels

Holger Schurig h.schurig at mn-logistik.de
Wed Nov 13 10:07:24 CET 2002

Hi Wolfgang !

When I did my adaption of armboot to my XScale boot, I decided to boot a 
zImage directly from memory. However, the standard way for u-boot seems to 
use the special packaged kernel image.

For booting a Linux zImage, you simply jump to it's location (after setting up 
the registers). And you have to set up registers and jump to some extracted 
code anyway, no matter if you if the zImage is already there or if it just 
got extracted out of some mkimage-made image. Setting up the rigth registers 
with the right info is OS dependend anyway.

What is the reason for this, why do you think the image approach is better --- 
or even necessary?

Don't read this as a critique, I really don't understand the motivation behind 

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