[U-Boot-Users] Re: The i386 patch

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Mon Nov 18 01:15:36 CET 2002

Dear Daniel,

in message <20021113094454.G22221 at jupiter.omicron.se> you wrote:
> I realize that I threw the figure around yesterdag it was 83kb rather than 
> 38...
> Todays, cleanup version measure in at 62kb.
> I hope you'll like it :)

Thanks again for the patch.

> Wolfgang:
> This patch touch common code in a few places, nothing to controversion, I 
> hope.

I tried to merge your patch with the current U-Boot code; I still get
a _LOT_ of warnings,  and  unresolved  references  from  the  strings
functions, but I think you can pick up here...

A few comments:

* Please, do not add trailing white space to existing code!

* Always make sure to run the MAKEALL  script;  this  catches  errors
  like this one:

-               void *to = (void *)ntohl(hdr->ih_load);
+               void *to = (void *)ntohl(hdr->ih_load));

* Do not use C++ style comments

Comments on specific parts of the patch:


        x86 should _not_ need any special code here. Do you think  it
        is  possible to add support for "standard" mkimage format and
        get rid of your new #ifdef's?

	Added with minor modifications:

	@@ -145,10 +163,11 @@
			return 1;
	+       hdr->ih_hcrc = htonl(checksum);

	I don't understand why this could be needed; omitted.


	+#ifdef __PPC__
	 #define        ATA_CURR_BASE(dev)      (CFG_ATA_BASE_ADDR+ide_bus_offset[IDE_BUS(dev
	+#ifdef __PPC__
	 static void input_swap_data(int dev, ulong *sect_buf, int words);

	Are you sure this is PPC only?


	Are you sure there is only a "ret" needed?


        Why do you modify ARM and generic files? I want to keep  this
        file as close as possible in sync with standard Linux code.

	*** NOT accepted ***

        This breaks include/asm-i386/string.h - can you please try to
        fix this instead?

I've checked the current state in on the U-Boot CVS server.  The  tag
is  LABEL_2002_11_18_0115 . Can you please have a look at it and help
to clean it up?


Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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