[U-Boot-Users] Crosscompiling pppd 2.4.1 with ELDK 2.0

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Nov 20 14:51:57 CET 2002

In message <001001c29090$d4887c00$7c2f7f3e at emil> you wrote:
> I am currently trying to cross-compile pppd with the ELDK 2.0 toolchain.
> To build in a native Intel RedHat 7.2 environment was no problem.
> However, when trying to crosscompile it seems that there are more things
> than CC to be altered. By changing the include file search path, I was
> able to build chat, but pppd seems to be a little harder. Is there
> anyone out there that might have some clues?

The ELDK documentation contains instructions for  building  the  ELDK
tool packages from scratch; this is a good starting point for any new
packages.   [Note:   part   of  the  trickery  used  is  to  put  the
<ELDK_root>/usr/ppc-linux/bin directory in PATH *before* the /usr/bin
directory. This is to make sure that the command  gcc  results  in  a
call to the ELDK cross compiler, rather than the host gcc.]

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