[U-Boot-Users] Power On Self Tests

Pierre AUBERT p.aubert at staubli.com
Thu Nov 21 10:47:22 CET 2002

Hello Everybody,

During the power on self tests, the bootmode of the board is stored in
the processor DPRAM. This
location is hardcoded in commproc.h. The following patch adds the
opportunity to override this value
in the board config file. The position of this value in DPRAM depends on
the usage of the DPRAM
made by the operating system.

For example, on an MPC860T, I've add
#define CFG_CPM_POST_WORD_ADDR    0x0ffc
in the board config file to have the bootmode being the last word of the

--- ppcboot-2.0.0/include/commproc.h    2002-10-16 13:31:18.000000000
+++ ppcboot-2.0.0-m/include/commproc.h  2002-11-21 10:42:31.000000000
@@ -77,7 +77,11 @@


 #define CPM_POST_WORD_ADDR     0x07FC

 #define BD_IIC_START   ((uint) 0x0400) // <- please use CPM_I2C_BASE !!

Best regards

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