[U-Boot-Users] Re: PATCH: Driver for the Epson SED13806 graphic controler

Pierre AUBERT p.aubert at staubli.com
Thu Nov 21 14:09:42 CET 2002

Pierre AUBERT wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> Please find attached a patch that add support for the Epson SED13806
> graphic controller. This controller
> is used on the Embedded Planet ECCX daughter board. Please see the
> RPXClassic.h file for the details
> of the configuration.
> This patch also adds the support of the BMP logo in cfb_console driver.
> >From now, the cfb_console driver
> was only able to display the logo included in the file logo_linux.h. The
> MPC8xx LCD driver use the logo
> included in bmp_logo.h. This file is very easy to create because the
> tool bmp_logo is included in U-boot.
> I saw that the video driver for the MPC8xx use another logo created by
> easy_logo. I think that it would be nie to use
> only one file format in all the graphic drivers.
> To use the BMP logo with the cfb_console driver, add #define
> CONFIG_VIDEO_BMP_LOGO in the board config
> file (see RPXClassic.h).
> This patch fixes also a warning in mkimage.c.
> * Patch by Pierre Aubert , 20 Nov 2002
>   Add driver for Epson SED13806 graphic controller.
>   Add support for BMP logos in cfb_console driver.
> Best regards

Here's the README patch that was forgotten in my last post

--- ppcboot-2.0.0-cvs/README    2002-11-21 13:50:01.000000000 +0100
+++ ppcboot-2.0.0-lcd/README    2002-11-21 14:06:50.000000000 +0100
@@ -423,6 +423,9 @@ The following options need to be configu
                                                (requires CFG_CMD_DATE)
                        CONFIG_VIDEO_LOGO       display Linux logo in
                                                upper left corner
+                       CONFIG_VIDEO_BMP_LOGO   use bmp_logo.h instead of
+                                               linux_logo.h for logo.
+                                               Requires CONFIG_VIDEO_LOGO
                                                addional board info beside
                                                the logo
@@ -710,6 +713,11 @@ The following options need to be configu
         16,7 Mill (24bit)     315       318       31b
                (i.e. setenv videomode 317; saveenv; reset;)

+               CONFIG_VIDEO_SED13806
+               Enable Epson SED13806 driver. This driver supports 8bpp and
+               16bpp modes defined by
+               CONFIG_VIDEO_SED13806_8BPP or CONFIG_VIDEO_SED13806_16BPP
 - LCD Support: CONFIG_LCD

                Define this to enable LCD support (for output to LCD

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